Our Story

The farm is named Elm Tree because of the number of Elms found on the premises. Black Angus Cattle were farm residents before we retired from jobs in Raleigh to join them. The Barbados sheep came next. A pregnant ewe wandered onto the property and took up with the cattle. We found the owner and bought her. The herd began when we acquired a ram and three more ewes. Additional stock was purchased that had been part of an experimental herd at North Carolina State University. At times the herd grew to over 300 animals.

Eared" Red Brahman cattle were added because of their temperament and looks. The stock has Gyr and Indo influence that attributes to the longer ears. Occasionally a Brahman/Angus cross, an F1, will be bred for hybrid vigor and added to the Angus/Cross herd.  Predators are controlled in the pastures with Anatolian Shepherd dog, a Sheep dog, and donkeys.